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BRAHMA INDIC NUTRIMENTS PVT LTD began as an “FMCG” startup founded by a peer group of progressive minded individuals who hail from Kerala but live and work in different parts of the world. Their search for an alternative to junk foods for their own kids eventually led to the starting of a new project. Our company is located in a rural hamlet at Adat in the proximity of thrissur town. It is an ISO 22000:2005& HACCP certified company that produces health food products under the brand name of “NUTRIROOT”. The company aims to serve both domestic and international markets with a range of products that conform to international standards and quality, and production processes meeting compliance to regulations. Our staff members have been trained by the ICAR researchers. Presently, we produce two different varieties of millet enriched cassava pastas and noodles, as well as a variety of cassava snack foods, which are all manufactured in our state -of-the- art manufacturing facility equipped with world class machineries imported from Italy.

In a time when the youngsters are trapped by the addictive effects of junk food, there is a growing need to find an alternative, healthy, safe and nutritious food products. This has been our inspiration to present a world first in Pastas and Noodles that completely avoid Maida.

Our products are made from nutritionally rich and diverse millets (nutri-cereals), jackfruit fiber, tapioca flour, whole grain rice flour, chickpea, flaxseed (omega 3 rich) and isabgol. These nutritionally rich food products are a culmination of years of passionate research and development and we are indebted to the researchers at the Central Tuber Crops Research Institute and the Kerala Agricultural University for their professional advice, and for the research and training opportunities.

Inspired by the Kerala Government’s FAT TAX, Adat based NUTRIROOT HAS INTRODUCED Maida free, gluten free healthy super fast foods for the younger generation. In COLLABORATION with KAU, CTCRI, GOVERNMENT OF India. IT HELPS SUSTAIN THE LIVELIHOOD OF MARGINAL FARMERS too. Products are available in Amazon.in

NUTRIROOT has been awarded start up innovation Award by CII KERALA FOOD SUMMIT- 2018 recently held at Cochin for introducing WORLD’S FIRST JUNK FREE NUTRITIOUS PROTEIN RICH TAPIOCA PASTA & NUTRI NOODLES enriched with 14 nutritious ingredients like JACK FRUIT, MULTI MILLETS, ARROWROOT, FLAX SEED, ISABGOL HUSK, PROTEIN, RICE, BRAN etc

NUTRIROOT received the central food safety authority of India’s 2019 “Eat Right” award. This prestigious award is given to food companies that show social responsibility by making commitments to provide safe and healthy food to people.

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